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In the final book of "The Music We Made" series, the young tenor Brian Martin finds himself on the cusp of superstardom and marriage, until he is compelled to leave behind his distinguished musical family, and his fiancé, in London, to visit the U.S. to see where his famous late grandmother, Maggie Crawford, the only other opera singer in the family, grew up. His journey takes him to Marshall, Minnesota, and Maggie's hometown high school, where he meets the music teacher, Laura Jones, who helps him with his family history in more ways than he could have imagined.



The sequel to Bravura, APPASSIONATO  follows young composer and conductor, Jenny Driscoll, and her circle of friends and loves, from 1990's London to the present day.


APPASSIONATO  is the second novel in The Music We Made series.


Watch the book trailer here:


a novel

(released December 2014)


BRAVURA follows the lives of luminous violinst, Kate Driscoll, and her temperamental pianist brother, Neil Driscoll, talented siblings from Somerset, and their group of British and American friends, from the time they meet at conservatory in 1960's London to the 1990's -- the highs and lows of their lives, loves and careers, onstage and off. 


BRAVURA is the first of three novels in The Music We Made series, about the Driscoll family's life and musical journeys across three generations.  (Click on Latest News for recent reviews.)


Currently in development for television.


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Trailer music credit: Anne-Sophie Mutter with Herbert von Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic -- Mendelssohn Violin Concerto, 3rd Movement.


Watch the book trailer for Bravura (first in The Music We Made Series):

Audition Monologues for Young Women, Vol. 2

Featuring the Karen monologue from the play "Six Views," about three couples whose circle of friendship changes when one woman departs and another enters.

Released November 2013

The Visitor

a stage play

new edition in progress

When a graduate student named MacKensie cannot finish her Jane Austen dissertation, she gets a 'visit' from the luminous Jane Austen herself, who turns the entire college campus upside down.  Produced in San Diego, California. Also in development for film production. Available on

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