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Lisa Kirazian is a writer of plays, screenplays, articles and The Music We Made novel series.  Her scripts have been produced and published nationwide and she directs for stage and screen. Her latest produced plays were "Soul Fire" (2018) and "On Air" (2016) in San Diego.  Her articles have appeared in The DramatistLos Angeles Times, Performing Arts Magazine, NPR/KPBS Radio, and the San Diego Union Tribune.


Lisa was born and raised in San Diego and is a graduate of Stanford University.  Her writing mentors have included Anna Deavere Smith, Paul Peterson, Janet Tiger, and Paula Vogel.


She resides with her husband Steve in Carmel Valley, California, and their two daughters.  Lisa serves on several arts boards and is a popular speaker.  She is currently at work on a new play, a new novel, and a book about mentorship.

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