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Full Lengths:


On Air

A young professor's personal and professional worlds collide at home and on campus during Vietnam. (Produced by Scripps Ranch Theatre, San Diego, 2016).



A multifaceted look at the foster care system, through the eyes of the kids, social workers and parents. (Produced by Playwrights Project, Lyceum Theater, San Diego).


The Blackstone Sessions

An elderly African American poet/activist and her uneducated young housekeeper uncover each other's secrets over an unexpected summer. (Produced by Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance, Fountain Theatre, Los Angeles and Long Beach Playhouse).


The Visitor

A graduate student has come to a standstill in her Jane Austen dissertation - until she gets a visit from Jane Austen herself. (Produced by Patio Playhouse, San Diego).


Six Views

Three couples, all friends, find their lives changed when one woman leaves the picture and another enters. (Produced at Dramatists Guild Friday Night Footlights, Los Angeles and Leading Ladies Monologue Festival (excerpt), New York City).



One Acts:


All I Do For You

A one-act play about the ups and downs of caregiving. Produced by Playwrights Project & Southern Caregivers Resource Center, Cygnet Theater, San Diego).


Mother and Child Reunion

A frazzled young mother debates the state of her life on the eve of her high school reunion. (Produced by Playwrights Project, San Diego).


On Air

A young professor deals with personal and professional crises on campus against the backdrop of Vietnam. (Produced by Scripps Ranch Theatre, San Diego, 2012).


Armenian Voices

Play of monologues about the Armenian experience in the homeland and the U.S. (Produced by Armenian Dramatic Arts Alliance (ADAA), Barrow Theater, New York City).


The Way You Look Tonight

An unexpected moment between a mother and daughter on the daughter's wedding day. (Produced by Playwrights Project, San Diego).


The Glorious Bride

Three brides try on a special wedding dress with a history, in a bridal shop run by a cynical businesswoman. (Produced by Stanford University).


Not What the Doctor Ordered

A high school star baseball player and borderline student has to make a major decision the night before his college applications are due. (Produced by Playwrights Project, San Diego and Los Angeles).





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