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Cassatt and Degas

The life of American painter Mary Cassatt and her love-hate relationship with French painter Edgar Degas, who invites her to join the Impressionists in 1890's Paris. (Winner, Telluride Indiefest Screenwriting Festival). Drama.


Getting Van Gogh

By Lisa Kirazian and Scott White based on a story by Scott White. Based on a true story about an old pawn shop owner and young art gallery owner who set out to authenticate an undiscovered Van Gogh painting.  (8 Rating on The Black List, Winner of AAA/Creative Screenwriting Top Ten (#4) Competition). Drama.


Meeting Jane Austen

(adaptation of the play The Visitor)

A grad student in San Francisco comes to a standstill in her Jane Austen dissertation, until she gets a 'visit' from Jane Austen herself. Comedy.


Mr. First Date

Jimmy, a dating genius and writer’s block specialist, agrees to take on brilliant but reclusive writer Nadine, but his success streak is broken by the unexpected. (Finalist, San Diego Film Festival, Semifinalist, Scriptapalooza and Slamdance). Romantic Comedy.



The Blackstone Sessions

(adaptation of the stage play)

An elderly African American poet/activist and her uneducated young housekeeper uncover each other's secrets over an unexpected summer. (Semifinals of New Century Writer Awards).


The Independents

Two young female folk rock musicians hit the road from Austin, seeking the big time, until conflicting dreams drive them in different directions. Music Drama.


The Man in the Alley

A troubled man in 1920's Chicago gets framed for a Prohibition crime he did not commit, returning to his hometown after years of jail seeking resolution with his family. (Kairos Prize Semifinalist). Drama.


Reflection Day (short)

An elderly African-American woman with Alzheimer's in a senior home urges her young caregiver to take her to vote on what she thinks is Election Day. (Produced by Aquarius Productions, directed by Lisa Kirazian). Drama.







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